Nov 13, 2018 - By Megan Dobransky

The TwitchCon Developer Day 2018 VODs Are Here!

Thanks to everyone who made our second annual TwitchCon Developer Day a success! Over 600 Twitch developers attended, which is 166 percent of last year. We even had over 24,000 concurrent viewers from the Twitch community at the height of our broadcast.

If you missed any of the action or want to relive any part of the day, the VODs and slides from the sessions are now available.


In the keynote, we looked back on the year with community achievements, product launches, and the lowdown on multiplayer entertainment — as well as gave you a sneak peek of the product roadmap and some big announcements around building, engaging, and monetizing on Twitch. We welcomed streamers to the stage for the second half of the keynote to share their thoughts on using Extensions and what they’d like to see in the future.

Slides | Video — Developer Day Keynote

Video — A Candid Discussion with Streamers About Extensions

Build Track

The Build track focused primarily on what and how to build on Twitch, including chatbots, Extensions, and the Twitch API.

Tune into the Twitch Dev channel on Friday, November 16 at 9am PT to see the entire Build track streamed!

Slides | Video — Twitch Extensions 101

Slides | Video — Bots, Bots, Bots: Building Chatbots

Slides | Video — Building Extensions With You

Slides | Video — Rapid Prototyping Twitch Extensions: Five Lessons Learned

Slides | Video — Extension Design Patterns for Twitch Scale

Slides | Video — Responding to Feedback: What’s New in the Twitch API

Grow Track

The Grow track was about optimizing and monetizing what can be built on Twitch as well as ways to grow your game community.

Slides | Video — Making Your Game a Success With Twitch

Slides | Video — Twitch for Game Developers

Slides | Video — Get Your Extension Discovered

Slides | Video — Monetize Your Extension One Bit at a Time

Slides | Video — Using Insights to Build Better Products

Slides | Video — Twitch Extension Review Process: The Missing Manual!

Auxiliary Broadcast Sessions

Video — Pre-show

Video — Keynote Recap

Video — Messages from Community Members

Video — Twitch Insights

Video — Messages from Twitch Staff

Video — What Developers Can Expect of Our Engineering Teams

Video — The Extension Lifecycle, Sandbox to Developer Rig

Video — Request for Comments

Video — Closing Remarks

We want to thank everyone who participated! If you are not a member of our developer community, take a few minutes to follow the channel page, follow @TwitchDev on Twitter, join the forums, or get started building an Extension.

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