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TwitchCon 2018 Keynote: Everything You Need to Know

Oct 26 2018

Today we celebrated the streamers and fans that make Twitch unique at Day One of our fourth TwitchCon. We kicked off the morning in San Jose recapping the incredible accomplishments we were all a part of this year and shared our battle plan for how we’re playing support for streamers with new tools designed to help them grow, connect, and thrive.

We also announced the expansion of our esports program, Twitch Rivals, that will more than double in size in 2019 and introduced Twitch Sings, a new category of game built by Twitch with streaming in mind, that will enter closed beta this year.

More people are joining Twitch every day, and once they’re here, they experience what this community has known all along — that together you’ve created something new: Multiplayer Entertainment. You’re not just here for the show; you are the show.

At Twitch, streamers aren’t a sidequest. Making sure creators and their communities are succeeding more than ever is our main goal. Here’s a summary of what we announced today, and you can catch the VOD of the live stream here.


Whatever you stream, we’re making it easier for creators to get discovered.


We’re giving streamers more tools to build stronger communities and relationships with their viewers. Strong communities spread the word about their favorite streamers, support each other in times of need, and welcome new viewers into the fold. Those relationships are part of what makes Twitch so different.

Today at TwitchCon, we showed off Snap Camera, Snap’s brand new standalone desktop app that works with a custom Extension built just for Twitch. Snap Camera lets you use Snapchat’s best Lenses live on your stream with your webcam. With the Snap Camera Extension, viewers can use Snapchat to scan the Snapcode on screen to try on the Lens and streamers can reward subs by activating a custom Lens of the streamer’s choosing when someone subscribes.

We also created custom Lenses for the Twitch community: like a purple, Super Saiyan power-up, for when you take chat’s energy; or a rain of bits to celebrate Cheers. Snap Camera is available now, you can learn more here. To learn more about all the new Extensions that launched at TwitchCon and Developer Day visit the Developer Blog.


To make it easier for streamers to find sponsored opportunities that feel authentic and align with their communities’ interests we’re opening Bounty Board to 30 more brands starting in November. Partners and select affiliates in the U.S. and Canada will be able to use Bounty Board to earn even more, and coming in 2019 and we’ll open it to more affiliates and more countries beginning with the UK.

Twitch Sings

We’re just starting to scratch the surface of what’s possible when everyone wants to play together. There are many games and genres that are made better on Twitch, and we believe there’s an opportunity for a new category of game to emerge that’s made to be streamed, where the audience isn’t a ‘nice to have’ — they’re a crucial part of the game experience.

We knew karaoke would be the perfect place to start. It’s live. It’s always entertaining. And when it really gets going, the line between the crowd and the stage disappears completely.

With Twitch Sings, you can sing your heart out, share your performances across Twitch, or perform duets with your community. And being in the crowd is just as much fun as holding the mic — and just as important. In chat you can request songs, give your favorite streamers crazy challenges to tackle, and when you cheer you will see Bits will rain down on the crowd. We’re testing Twitch Sings on the expo floor at TwitchCon and soon with a handful of streamers live on Twitch in closed beta. We can’t wait to hear what you think and you can go here and register if you’re interested in trying it out. More of you will be invited as space opens up.

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