Oct 26, 2018 - By Robbie Lim

New Extension Experiences Launching at TwitchCon

We at Twitch are on a mission to enable creators to make a living educating and entertaining fans. This TwitchCon, we’re excited to announce a suite of brand new partnerships that bring unique experiences onto Twitch via Extensions.

We’re always excited to integrate new communities and new functionality into Twitch. For years, you’ve asked us for more creativity, animation, and expression in the experience.

Snap Camera by Snap Inc.

Snapchat made history with its marquee camera lenses and magical AR experiences. Guess what? Creators can now use a library of iconic Snap lenses while streaming on Twitch, and viewers can change those lenses by subscribing via the Snapchat Extension.

Learn more about the Snap Camera and Extension.

Character Trigger by Adobe

Adobe has been a leader in art and animation for years, and we are announcing a unique integration between Adobe Character Animator and Twitch via an Extension.

Creators can fly in rocket ships, shoot virtual lasers from their hands, and even animate their entire persona (yes, just like Ready Player One) via Character Animator. Viewers can set off actions using the Character Trigger Extension.

Design By Humans Merch Store & Faze Clan Shopping

Before today, fans had to open up new tabs to snag their favorite hoodies and jerseys. Now, viewers can shop as they watch creators win chicken dinners.

“By building an Extension, we were able to embed a full ecommerce experience, from product discovery to checkout, all while keeping our fans where they wanted to be in the first place — watching livestreams on Twitch. Twitch Extensions are a creative way to allow developers and broadcasters to enhance their streams, and we look forward to seeing the full potential of this exciting technology for the Twitch community.” — Ben Sack, CTO @ FaZe Clan

Design by Humans and FaZe Clan are releasing their own storefronts via Extensions on Twitch, and more brands are coming soon!

Tiltify Donations

Tiltify is no doubt a fundraising force on Twitch and is already working with many top creators. Now, viewers don’t have to miss a beat while donating, because they can give to their favorite charities right on Twitch through an Extension.

“Twitch has been an outstanding partner for Tiltify and some of our largest campaigns. We built this Extension to provide creators the ability to activate Tiltify’s live fundraising tools directly into their broadcasts and to allow donors to seamlessly donate to their favorite causes.” — Michael Wasserman, CEO @ Tiltify

The Twitch community raised approximately $30 million for charities in 2017, and we’re excited to make donations on Twitch even easier.

Coming soon!


Surviv and Twitch have partnered to break the boundary between player and viewer. Surviv is a popular browser-based game and the first multiplayer battle royale available on Twitch via an Extension. Bleed purple with Twitch creators and viewers in a special Twitch version. Finally, you don’t have to leave your browser — or Twitch — to win a chicken dinner.

“Twitch Extensions are a great opportunity for games like Surviv.io to reach a massive audience we might not otherwise be able to reach. We’re really excited to see creators using the Extension to create new interactions and experiences with their viewers.” — Nick Clark, Co-Creator @ Surviv.io

Twitch Arcade by Amazon Game Studios

Our next announcement is a retro gamer’s dream come true. Remember Dragon’s Lair, the classic coin-op adventure game? Well, on Tuesday, October 30, it’s coming to Twitch. Twitch creators will be able to host the game on their channels in the freshly updated Twitch Arcade Extension, allowing their viewers to play the full version of Dragon’s Lair, compete for places on leaderboards, and more.

Dragon’s Lair joins a number of Twitch Arcade Extension games and activities already available for creators, including the puzzle game Snap, clicker game Feline Flicker and press-your-luck game Wheel of Noms.

GameOn Tournament Organizer by Amazon

GameOn Tournament Organizer gives creators the tools to build a loyal community through tournaments created directly from their Twitch dashboard. Creators can spin up tournaments in supported games, making it easy for viewers to join and compete.

“I use social media to engage my community, but I haven’t found that perfect way to get them involved in gameplay without taking up tons of time and slowing down the stream. With this Extension, I will be able to keep a constant connection with my viewers.” — FaZe Dirty

Amazon Blacksmith by Amazon

Gear on Amazon is now revamped as Amazon Blacksmith! Creators can showcase their favorite products and earn revenue from sales through the Amazon Associates program, enable viewers to access Twitch Prime benefits such as subs and loot, and create polls via the Extension.

D&D Beyond Interactive Overlay by Curse

We are also stepping up our game-specific Extensions. Introducing the D&D Beyond Twitch Extension, an interactive addition to your stream overlay that displays on-demand character statistics and status details from D&D Beyond. Watch as hit points are updated and active conditions appear on the screen in real time and click to view full digital character sheets on D&D Beyond!

Signing Off!

2018 has been a whirlwind for Twitch Extensions. Thank you to everyone in the Twitch community, especially creators and developers, for coming up with amazing new experiences and helping build the future of media and entertainment! We’re excited to see what else the community brings to light. Stay tuned for more new experiences soon!

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