Oct 3, 2018 - By Evan Freitas

The NFL on Twitch just got better

[UPDATED 11/6] The NFL on Twitch just got better

Last week thousands of you tuned in to watch the season debut of Thursday Night Football on Twitch*. Chat was fired up, the team emotes were flying, and we hear the game was pretty good too.

Now we’re excited to announce a new way to let your voice be heard with the TNF Live Extension, two legendary co-streaming Partners who are broadcasting this week’s matchup, and a way to give to charity while also supporting your favorite teams in chat. Let’s get into it.

The TNF Live Extension

This season Twitch’s NFL coverage includes a brand new Extension on twitch.tv/primevideo that lets you project how drives will end, who will win, and more. Make the right calls and you can rule the leaderboard and prove that you should be on the sidelines calling the shots. Or at least hold one of those clipboards.

The Extension also lets you access team stats that are updated live as the game progresses.

Legendary Co-Streamers

Last week GoldGlove co-streamed our inaugural broadcast and put his unique spin on the game. This week, we’ve got two more incredible co-streamers lined up.

First, Hall of Famer and three time Super Bowl champion Shannon Sharpe is bringing his takes to Twitch for his first live NFL co-stream!

And our very own Twitch legend, TimTheTatman, will also be adding commentary on his own co-stream.

Cheer for charity

Cheering for your favorite team, whether you’re in the stands, or yelling at your screen is one of the best parts about being a fan. Now it can also be a way to show support of a good cause. Over the course of the last four games, viewers who have cheered on twitch.tv/primevideo have helped support American Cancer Society (ACS). Twitch is excited to make a donation to ACS, making the total amount raised $5,000. For the remainder of the season, for every 100 bits cheered on twitch.tv/primevideo, Twitch will donate $1 to United Way. So make your voice heard and cheer like crazy for whoever you’re supporting.

*Also available on FOX, NFL Network, and Prime Video on Thursdays at 8:20pm ET.

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