Aug 28, 2018 - By Brian

Your guide to everything Twitch at PAX West

Twitch is Seattle-bound once again for another PAX West! From August 31 through September 3, we’re setting up shop in the Washington State Convention Center, and we want you to join us.

From the Twitch Booth to PAX Arena and beyond, here’s the lowdown on everything we’ve got planned for you.

The Twitch Booth (#1909)

Merch store: Call us fashionably late, but for the first time ever, we’re selling official Twitch merch at PAX! Drop by the store for new releases, classic best-sellers like our tees and hoodies, and a limited edition PAX West tee, available while supplies last.

Meet and Greets: Come meet some of your favorite streamers! So far, the Partners listed below are ready to hang out, but many more are on the way. Swing by the booth to find the full Meet and Greet schedule during the show.

Partner Lounge: Partners, come take a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the show floor in our Partner Lounge. We’ll have refreshments and power outlets aplenty, plus, all Partners who check in will receive the “Rosy Glitch” Pinny Arcade pin (while supplies last).

Game Zone: Stop by the Game Zone to get your hands on Rend by Frostkeep Studios. Inspired by Nordic myth, Rend mixes team-based survival and fantasy adventure, so come check it out! You might be able to walk away with some epic Twitch loot while playing the game by participating in the Twitch Pin pass!

Twitch 101: If you’re interested in learning how to make your channel better, or if you just want more out of your Twitch experience, Twitch 101 is a quick way to do that. Get hands-on demos with Extensions, which you can use to improve your own streams for your community, and also check out Twitch Prime, which offers you in-game loot for tons of games every month.

Pinny Arcade: It wouldn’t be a Penny Arcade Expo without Pinny Arcade pins. To claim your very own and very fancy Rosy Glitch pin, you can either attend the Twitch Town Hall panel (more on that below), OR you can grab a Twitch Pin Pass at our booth and complete three quick activities. Easy peasy.

Twitch Town Hall

Want to know what we’re working on? Join us for the Twitch Town Hall where Twitch staffers shine light on our products, community, and the future of Twitch. It’s a great chance to stay informed.

The Twitch Town Hall starts Friday, August 31 from 10:30–11:30 AM at the Wyvern Theater, located inside The Westin Seattle.

Broadcaster Royale

Our very own PUBG tournament, Broadcaster Royale, culminates with its first-ever grand finals at PAX West’s Paramount Theater. 160 streamers (80 duos teams) from all around the world have qualified to face off in a 3-day finals event spanning Friday through Sunday, with a total prize pool of $300,000. To celebrate, we’re shutting down 9th Avenue and giving it a PUBG makeover with environmental items, a special transport truck, pyrotechnics, and more.

PUBG Play Zone

Once Broadcaster Royale is over, stick around and play PUBG with streamers and other PAX attendees until 8:00 PM PT.

Meet and watch your favorite duo teams from each competing region, including:

NA: Shroud/Just9n, anthony_kongphan/lil_lexi EU: Sacriel/Break, mithrain/10000Days Asia: Xargon0731/Ko0416, WasuEzqelusia/FifaTarGrean SA: SkipNhO/pava, Th3D4rkness/StereoOnline Special: Player Unknown Brendan Greene

PAX Arena

Need even more competitive games and speedruns? Then PAX Arena is the place for you. Nickelodeon is bringing you The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Speedrun Showdown to see just how fast the classic 1989 NES TMNT game can be beat. Army Entertainment Esports is also finishing up its Street Fighter V circuit, with eight qualifying soldiers competing in the championship. Plus, stay tuned for a special surprise segment coming on Friday, thanks to Alienware.

PAX West kicks off Friday, August 31. We’ll see you there!

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