Jul 24, 2018 - By Jon Bulava

Overwolf Announces Twitch-Sponsored Developer Challenge

The folks at Overwolf have announced an epic developer challenge sponsored by Twitch to build new types of Extensions with their platform tools. Developers are invited to join the challenge and compete for glory and riches — there are some amazing prizes! Submissions will be open until September 22. Afterwards, a team of judges from Overwolf and Twitch will select the winners.

Overwolf’s mission is improving competitive gaming experiences for gamers worldwide through useful, effective in-game apps and tools. They enable new game features and overlays to be implemented effectively and swiftly, bringing new value to millions of players. Given these goals, Twitch Extensions and Overwolf’s tools are a great match to create ingenious real-time interactivity.

Using Overwolf’s technology, developers can create in-game experiences for a stream based on in-game events. Create an extension that allows subscribers to engage in playful antics with their favorite streamer. For example, choosing a streamer’s jumping spot in PUBG, or using spell detection in League of Legends to trigger requests for viewer reactions.

Visit Overwolf’s Twitch Extensions Dev Challenge page for detailed information about prizes, registration, and guidelines. The sky’s the limit and we look forward to your innovative ideas demonstrating how in-game events can influence and communicate with Twitch streams. Ready? Set? Code!

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