Jul 20, 2018 - By Robert Busey

Get ready to game until your thumbs fall off with more Free Games with Prime!

Whew… how about all those July Prime Day games huh? Well, just because Prime Day has come and gone doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Starting August 1st we some pretty awesome games for everyone to play… and guess what? They’re yours for FREE with your Twitch Prime membership!

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Yours to claim and keep forever all month:

Jotun: Valhalla Edition Jotun is a beautifully illustrated action-exploration game themed around Norse mythology. You play as the viking warrior Thora who must prove herself to the Gods after dying an inglorious death. Only then will she be allowed to enter Valhalla.

Death Squared Put your teamwork (and friendships) to the test as you try and solve puzzles in this cooperative puzzle game! Each player must take control of a robot and guide it to it’s color-coded goal. If only it were that easy…

Antihero A turn-based strategy game where you must use your wits to out-steal and outsmart your opponents in a chaotically paced multiplayer game. Get ready to assassinate, blackmail and bribe your way to victory!

Wizardry Bundle Play through Wizardry 6, 7, and 8, and bring together the 3 artifacts needed to pursue godhood in the world of Dominus. Once you have assembled all 3 artifacts you must venture forth to Ascension Peak where true terror awaits.

Steamworld Dig A platforming mining adventure, highly influenced by “metroidvania” style games. Play as Rusty as you dig your way through the earth and collect riches along the way. Just beware of the ominous threat that lurks below…

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