Jun 1, 2018 - By Brittany Brown

Celebrate Pride Month with Twitch!

Twitch is a place where everyone can be themselves, and this June, we’re standing with all of our LGBTQ+ viewers and streamers around the world to celebrate love during Pride Month. We’re highlighting LGBTQ+ creators, unveiling a bunch of new Pride shirts, taking part in the SF Pride Parade, and we’re partnering with the Human Rights Campaign® (HRC®) to raise money for equality. There’s a LOT going on, so let’s get to it.

Watch LGBTQ+ Creators

There are so many great LGBTQ+ streamers on Twitch who use their channels to raise awareness while making great content. To celebrate them, we’re promoting an LGBTQ+ creator on the front page of Twitch every day in June. You can check out the full schedule at the end of this post.

Shirts for Everyone

Our new “Cheer for Equality” shirts are designed not just around the rainbow flag, but the bisexual, transgender, and lesbian flags as well. 100% of profit of each sale ($7 per tee) will be donated to the HRC®, so pick up a great shirt and support a great cause.

Twitch Gets Involved

Every year, San Francisco hosts one of the oldest and largest Pride parades in the US. As SF is the home of Twitch, you can bet we’ll be there in full force. We’ll share highlights from SF Pride on Twitch’s social media, so stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Once Pride Month wraps up, we’ll put together a video with info about how much money you raised for HRC®, footage from the parade, and more.

We also teamed up with “It Gets Better” to empower LGBTQ+ Twitch staff to share their support and encourage LGBTQ+ youth all around the world. You can watch the video below, and if you think it could help someone who feels isolated, please share.

Emotes and Cheermotes

We’re adding four brand new global emotes to Twitch chat based on the t-shirt designs above, and Bits are getting in on the party too with a new rainbow flag Cheermote. You can use these in any chat, any time, to celebrate Pride Month. They’re both permanent additions, so don’t worry about them disappearing once June is over.

Fundraising on Twitch

If you’d like to show your support for Pride Month by fundraising for HRC® on Twitch, click this link to get set up. Any creator who raises over $500 will receive a free shirt from the HRC® store, plus one additional shirt from Twitch as a thank you.

In addition to all this, you’re invited to share your TwitchUnity story with us by using #TwitchUnity on social media. Pride Month starts on June 1. Help us make it the best one yet!

8BitDylan — Friday, June 1 at 3pm-5pm PT

Delphron — Saturday, June 2 at 3pm-5pm PT

KrinxShow — Sunday, June 3 at 2pm-4pm PT

Lil_Lexi — Monday, June 4 at 3pm-5pm PT

BrunaBalbino — Tuesday, June 5 at 12pm-2pm PT

FerociouslySteph — Tuesday, June 5 at 1pm-3pm PT

Smajor1995 — Wednesday, June 6 at 11am-1pm PT

cypheroftyr — Thursday, June 7 at 11am-1pm PT

skyhook — Friday, June 8 at 9pm-11pm PT

Moon_Shiners — Saturday, June 9 at 3pm-5pm PT

antphrodite — Sunday, June 10 at 4pm-6pm PT

DistractedElf — Monday, June 11 at 8am-10am PT

agayguyplays — Tuesday, June 12 at 2pm-4pm PT

Nikatine — Wednesday, June 13 at 11am-1pm PT

MrKravin — Thursday, June 14 at 3pm-5pm PT

KiwiFails — Friday, June 15 at 9am-11am PT

ActiiveVisiion — Saturday, June 16 at 7am-9am PT

ChipWhitehouse — Sunday, June 17 at 8pm-10pm PT

FoxQueen — Monday, June 18 at 12:30pm-2:30pm PT

AshleyNova — Tuesday, June 19 1pm-3pm PT

Taudriel — Wednesday, June 20 12pm-2pm PT

TexCubSF — Thursday, June 21 8pm-10pm PT

AdamKoebel — Friday, June 22 5pm-7pm PT

Shamanom — Saturday, June 23 at 10am-12pm PT

SlyTQ — Sunday, June 24 at 3pm-5pm PT

gitsie — Monday, June 25 at 12pm-2pm PT

Devonbumpkin — Tuesday, June 26 at 11am-1pm PT

KatFTWynn — Wednesday, June 27 at 9am-11am PT

iamBrandon — Thursday, June 28 at 8pm-10pm PT

HealMeHarry — Friday, June 29 at 3am-5am PT

frankthepegasus — Saturday, June 30 at 12pm-2pm PT

A very special thanks to ActiiveVisiion, AdamKoebel, agayguyplays, antphrodite, AshleyNova, ChipWhitehouse, Delphron, DistractedElf, FerociouslySteph, iamBrandon, KiwiFails, Moon_Shiners, Nikatine, Shamanom, Smajor1995, skyhook and 8BitDylan for their help in creating our Pride Month TwitchUnity promotional video.

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