May 17, 2018 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

May Cosplay Showcase!

Attending a convention and taking photos with your favorite characters only shows off one facet of cosplay, but cosplayers and artists put in so much work beyond what we see at events. From concept art to fabrication to photoshoots, this month’s showcase is chock full of inspirational and supportive streamers to help educate you on all the amazing components of cosplay!


Grayson’s stream is all about growth: from starting a costume to the final photos. She first got into cosplay seven years ago after being inspired by many amazing cosplayers she’s met and seen. To date, Grayson’s favorite cosplay has been Prompto Argentum as she put a lot of hard work into the costume since she relates to the character. Grayson strives to have a warm and welcoming community that supports each other in their own cosplay journeys. Come check out Grayson’s stream to see her working on her latest projects: Madoka from Madoka Magica and Kagura from Gintama!


Zach Fischer is a big name within the cosplay community for the amazing, detailed character designs he creates for cosplayers. His interest in designing armor and weapons for video games helped to inspire him into designing cosplay for the past four years. Zach’s Twitch channel often features him drawing as well as playing Blizzard games, and he loves his community like family. “They are consistently there for me on extra long streams that would otherwise break me creatively if it weren’t for their constant positivity, encouragement, and infectious sense of humor.” Tune in and you just may see him working on his latest designs for Blizzcon 2018: Project Ebon Blade, in which many of World of Warcraft’s most well-known characters will be re-envisioned as fearsome Death Knights.


Mira Scarlet became interested in cosplay 11 years ago thanks to the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and the Prime Evil, Diablo. Since then she’s honed her craft to create many amazing costumes, her favorite of all time being her Year of the Rooster Mei cosplay. Mira can be seen streaming cosplay creation, digital art, Monster Hunter, and sometimes dancing! Tune in and you may catch her working on her latest cosplay: Alter Saber (casual dress) from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

The full schedule for all of the front page streams is below:

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