Apr 23, 2018 - By Cheri Saito

The next big update for Extensions is here

Extensions are live apps for live streams, and they’re reinventing the way streamers and viewers interact on Twitch. Today’s update, Bits in Extensions, makes them more powerful than ever before.

Using Extensions has always been a smart way to personalize your stream and grow engagement with your community. Now, with support for Bits, Extensions are also a great way for viewers to support Partners, Affiliates, and the developers who build them.

Bits are no longer only for Cheering. In Extensions, they can be used to power new, interactive experiences on your channel. To kick off this beta for Partners and Affiliates with a bang and give you an idea of what Bits in Extensions can do, we’ve partnered with 28 developers to bring you 28 new Extensions that make excellent use of the feature. The full list is available here, but we also have a few highlights to get you started:

Tilted Trivia by SLIVER.tv

OneView by Esports One

Bits Voting Studio by iPowow

Bithead Arcade by Doborog Games

Rock Paper BITS! by Maestro

BOBMOB by vAudience

Whenever viewers use Bits in Extensions, Twitch provides a revenue share of 80% for the Bits used to the Partner or Affiliate, and 20% to the Extension developer. As always, it’s crucial that viewers can show support to the streamers they enjoy. With this split, developers will also be motivated and rewarded for building innovative tools that engage streamers and viewers alike on Twitch.

Partners and Affiliates, throughout the beta, let us know if you have any thoughts about how to improve Bits in Extensions! Your feedback about this update, and anything else Extension related, is always welcome here. You can also check out our Bits in Extensions help article for all the in-depth details and FAQs you need.

And last but not least, if you’re a developer looking to build an Extension with us, let’s chat.

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