Mar 13, 2018 - By Joveth Gonzalez

Level up your video game collection with Free Games with Prime!

Update: Games are available now!

Redemption Instructions:

You must be an Amazon Prime member with Twitch Prime enabled to claim. Find out how to sign up here.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to grab your free games now!

  1. Be sure that your Amazon Prime account has been enabled with Twitch Prime (you’ll need to connect your Twitch account to your Amazon account).

  2. Head over to and log-in to the Twitch account that you have enabled Twitch Prime on.

  3. Click on the crown icon in the top right of the page.

  4. Scroll to each free game and claim the offer. You’ll need to install the Twitch Desktop App to get to your games.

  5. That’s it! Enjoy!

If you’re having issues, be sure to head on over to our Help page.

We’re celebrating the incredible community response to the Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier program and welcoming all of our new members with the introduction of Free Games with Prime, a brand new program that upgrades your membership by giving you a collection of free games every month starting this Thursday, March 15th.

We’re digging into our archives to bring you the best of our previously released games, starting with a pair of critically acclaimed titles: Superhot and Oxenfree.

We’re also happy to announce that all eight titles from the Indie Amplifier program will be made available for free over the next few months. First up are the winner, Shadow Tactics, and strategy-RPG Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation. The rest of the titles will be released in the following months, in no particular order.

Finally, the 2.5D beat ’em up Mr. Shifty will be available for Twitch Prime members for the first time this month.

That’s five games, all available for FREE and yours to keep starting on March 15th!

Here’s the full Free Games with Prime lineup for March:

· Superhot

· Shadow Tactics

· Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation

· Oxenfree

· Mr. Shifty

And be sure to come back in April because our next Free Games with Prime collection will be available:

· Tales from the Borderlands

· SteamWorld Dig 2

· Kingsway

· Tokyo 42

· Dubwars

That’s 10 games in the next two months, all for FREE and yours to keep forever.

Welcome to Free Games with Prime. Your Twitch Prime membership just leveled up.

PS. If you want to check out any of these games in action, ElegyofGames and seriouslyclara will regularly show off the Free Games with Prime through July on their streams Sundays at 6PM PT and Mondays at 8:30PM PT starting on 3/25 and 3/26 respectively.

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