Feb 23, 2018 - By Anna Robinson

Announcing: Stream On premiere and contestants!

In December, Twitch Studios announced that auditions were open for Stream On: a live interactive game show that lets viewers discover and impact the future of up-and-coming creators by participating directly in the program.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Stream On will premiere March 8th at 3:00pm PST on Twitch.tv/Twitch, and will feature 14 Twitch Partner participants who will compete in Twitch-themed challenges to avoid elimination from the show over an 11-week period. The contestant who emerges victorious will be awarded a grand prize of $5,000 per month for a year — a total of $60,000 — to take their streaming career to the next level. The participants are:

  • 88bitmusic — Known for creating completely unique, often bizarre musical experiences like being the first hotdog to play piano in space

  • Banzaibaby — Known for being the least lady-like streamer on Twitch (using power tools and burping a lot)

  • CiraCorellia—Known for being a positive, friendly, entertaining and funny stream

  • CookingforNoobs — Known for being family-friendly and positive, cooking delicious-looking food, and burning the calories off with 10-mile runs

  • FerociouslySteph — Known for being positive and involved with the community, as well as for top level (multiple time top 10 NA HotS) competitive play

  • GlanFM — Known for having potato aim and being in a documentary on the BBC

  • Koibu — Known for playing D&D, 144 hour streaming marathons, and his European Tour

  • MajinTaj — Known for being funny and having conversations about anything in stream

  • Suchikuchi — Known for leather working, super slidey socks, finger bullets and her laser cutter

  • thaButtress — Known for clumsiness…physically & verbally, along with her animated faces

  • TheOnlyRyann — Known for being a hype’able loud caster with too many “N”’s in his name

  • TheStaceyRoy — Known for being one of the original Tracer cosplayers and high production value cooking and talk shows

  • Wavy — Known for freestyle rappin

  • Xmiramira — Known for playing The Sims 4 & GTA 5

Take the time to get to know and follow these streamers, because you will have the opportunity to support your favorites during the weekly recap show by voting through a custom-built Twitch Extension. During the week, our streamers will take the show to their own channels to tackle challenges and impress the judges, so starting March 8th, there will almost always be Stream On to watch!

Keep an eye on streamon.twitch.tv throughout the competition for more information, as well on @Twitch and @twitch_studios Twitter for updates!

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