Feb 15, 2018 - By Cheri Saito

Get more in-game loot with new Drops notifications

What’s happening and why should you care? Worry not! We’re here to Drop some knowledge.

If you’re unfamiliar, Drops are a quick and easy way to get in-game rewards just for watching the games you already watch on Twitch. In the past, we’ve partnered with game developers to enable Drops for games like Warframe, Quake Champions, Path of Exile, and Smite.

These events were super cool, and we’re absolutely doing more of them, but it hasn’t always been clear to viewers exactly when Drops are available and which games they’re available for. Today, that changes.

Starting now, it’s super easy to see which games and channels have Drops activated. When you’re looking at the Game Directory page on desktop, games with Drops enabled will feature a Drops notification. The notification will appear on the game page and on a streamer’s channel page as well.

Cool. So, how do I get Drops?

To earn Drops on Twitch, you’ll need to link your game account with your Twitch account. After connecting your accounts, you’re automatically eligible for a chance to get Drops when you watch streams on Twitch.

Drops are completely customizable by the game developers, so every Drops program will be a little bit different. Developers can decide which items will drop, the frequency of the Drops, and which channels the Drops will be available on.

Head on over to the Game Directory page to see which games have Drops activated right now. And for all the information you could ever want to know about Drops, check out this trusty help article.

Are you a game developer interested in integrating Drops? Learn more on the product page or check out the documentation.

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