Feb 14, 2018 - By Brittany Brown

Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with these 5 streamer couples

Roses are red, violets are actually purple — I mean seriously, why are we calling them blue? In the theme of Valentine’s Day we’re featuring streamer couples that have met on the internet and some more specifically on Twitch.

SybilQ (Monday, 2/12 at 6:00pm PT)

****SybilQ and HankQ share a love for deadlifts, tacos, and video games. Twitch allows them to not only share their love for these things with each other, but with their Qmmunity (get it?!) as well. Four nights a week, they lift in their home gym while answering fitness questions from chat. When the work out is done, they play Overwatch as a duo!

8BitDylan and Delphron (Monday, 2/12 at 4:00pm PT & Tuesday, 2/13 at 1:00pm PT)

8BitDylan and Delphron met through their love of games. At first, it was tough tackling their relationship with an ocean between them. While difficult to manage between two time zones, they made it work because of the love they have for each other. Streaming on Twitch has been an amazing outlet for them to play games with one another and interact with both of their communities at the same time. Where they met playing Minecraft, they now go on adventures together in a wealth of different games and bring viewers along for the ride.

CharlieStMonica and Stronk (Tuesday, 2/13 and Thursday, 2/15 at 9:00am PT )

CharlieStMonica and Stronk met on Twitch in 2016 and have been inseparable ever since. Stronk often streams Overwatch and a variety of other games/creative while Charlie focuses on painting in Creative, and some Overwatch and The Sims! They are the proud owners of three cats — Hamsteak, Lambchop, and Meatball — and bond over their love of pho and tacos.

HeroesOfFitness (Wednesday, 2/14 at 6:00pm PT)

Tim and Nicole are a married couple who are known for streaming games together while incorporating workout breaks. From cooking streams that sometimes get too lit to shaking their glutes during Just Dance duets to competitive gaming with desalinating workouts, these lifelong gamers and fitness professionals love sharing their passion, knowledge, and a lot of laughs together on stream. When they’re not training fellow Twitch streamers, they enjoy a good bad joke, snuggles with their two cats, and delicious slice of pizza.

UmiNoKaiju and RFGaming101 (Friday, 2/16 at 3:00pm PT)

****UmiNoKaiju and RFGaming101 aim to bring the world together. From games to dinner table conversations, love and laughter are the keys to bringing happiness among ourselves. Twitch isn’t just a world of gaming for them, it’s a growing family.

Did you meet your significant other on Twitch? Share your love stories with us via Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #FeelTheLove.

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