Feb 9, 2018 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

February Cosplay Showcase

Love is in the air this month, and we love seeing you broadcast your creativity. Whether you like to transform yourself into a pirate, warrior, assassin, or a pirate warrior assassin, you’ll adore our featured creators in this month’s Cosplay Showcase!


__Being a fan of anime, and watching what cosplayers have been able to do has inspired ArtcoreCosplay to join their ranks four years ago. So far, her all-time favorite cosplay was Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. “Aloy means a lot to me and her costume was very challenging and seeing the result just makes me incredibly proud.” Artcore’s welcoming and positive community embrace all newcomers to the stream, and share fantastic puns. Currently she is working on a Senua cosplay from the game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.


LeapingLizard got started in cosplay 11 years ago because what she saw others making inspired her to try her own hand. Many of her cosplays have different meanings and all hold a special place in her heart, but Meru from Legend of Dragoon holds a special place. “After getting my first photoshoot photos back of Meru, I felt proud for all it took for me to make her happen, and I really felt beautiful.” Join LeapingLizard and her community to see her working on her Dark Souls 3 Fire Keeper cosplay!


SKSProps got into cosplay 5 years ago thanks to his love of video games, especially Borderlands. Each of his costumes that he creates is special; however, his favorite was also his most challenging one to date: the Gears of War Theron Guard which won the TwitchCon 2017 Cosplay Contest. “This costume is not only the most detailed but the largest build I have attempted. The suit required both arm and leg extension as well as a scratch built muscle suit. Honestly it’s not just a costume, but a full body transformation.” Come join his community to see his progress on his current project (Wasteland Alice), digital illustration, and get some inspiration for your own projects!


Having loved costumes all of her life, it’s not a surprise that six years ago Cinerdella got into cosplay! In that time, her favorite cosplay was Captain Jack Sparrow as it was a different gender and something she’s not done before. Currently, Cinerdella is working on a Nuka Girl cosplay from Fallout 4. Tune in to her streams for cosplay, music, 3D printing, and a welcoming and inclusive community happy for new members!

The full schedule for all of the front page streams is below:

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