Feb 1, 2018 - By Aly Sweetman

Celebrate African-American History Month

African-American History Month, more commonly known as Black History Month, began as an appreciation week founded by Carter G. Woodson and minister Jesse E. Moorland in 1926. Every American President since 1976 has signed a proclamation designating February as National African-American History Month.

This month in honor of African-American History Month, we’re showing love and appreciation to broadcasters of color and their communities all month! We’ll be highlighting a variety of broadcasters on the front page, and engaging with our community on social media.

Kicking off the month the SpawnOnMe podcast will take a look at how the contributions of African-Americans have shaped the conversation and culture of gaming. Digging through the past and looking forward to the future, they will tackle how their experiences continue to push the video game landscape to new places.

Share your experiences

Throughout the month, we encourage you to spend some time on your stream or in Premieres talking to your community about what Black History Month means to you. Plan your own show, event, or usual broadcast to celebrate your way, or, if you don’t know where to start, just fire up IRL and answer questions like:

  • What does African-American History Month mean to you?

  • Who is somebody in African-American history that you admire/look up too/wish you could meet? Why?

  • What kind of impact would you like to leave on the world and Twitch community?

  • Why do you care about diversity? How do we benefit when our community is diverse?

  • What message of encouragement and inclusion would you like to give viewers/streamers?


A very special thanks to our partners Cypheroftyr, DeejayKnight, DestinyFoMo, DjTechlive, Friskk, iamBrandon, Lemonque, Okaydrian, PyschoBunny, SmashStudios, TheBlackHokage, TKBreezy, Trihex, UTxJGTheDon and ViciousFool for their help in creating our Black History Month promotional video.

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