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Twitch Prime members, take on the Devil in Cursed Castilla!

Dec 28 2017 - By Robert Busey

Starting December 28th through January 3rd, Twitch Prime members can get Cursed Castilla for free with their Twitch Prime membership!

The Devil itself and its dark forces are invading the lands of Tolomera del Rey, and only you, Don Ramiro, can stop them for good! Wield your sword, brave knight, and prepare to fight against evil creatures, such as mouras, ojancanos or nuberus, that inhabit the Kingdom of Castilla. The task will be difficult — only the most skilled warriors will be able to face the darkness and free Tolomera!

Cursed Castilla is an intense and challenging 2D platformer where you play as a knight of one of the medieval kingdoms in what today is Spain. Fight against 50+ different enemies and 19 final bosses from local Spanish and European legends through 8 game stages that will put your skills to a test, and find the secrets that will lead you to 4 different endings. With its 8 different screen modes, its vintage music and its straightforward, challenging and incredibly fun gameplay, Cursed Castilla is the best homage to the 80s arcade classics.

Battle the Devil now!

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