Dec 19, 2017 - By Justin Oh

Relive your favorite Twitch moments of 2017

2017 was an amazing year to be a part of the Twitch community, and you’ve got the Clips to prove it.

Every day, more incredible moments happen on Twitch than any one person could hope to see. From impossibly cool kills in Fortnite to tear-jerking messages from viewers, you capture the moments we all remember with Clips. Related to all this, we’ve got a super cool project ready to share with you today, but real quick, let’s take a look at some of our favorite moments from the year.

Unless you all have, oh, another 3.7 billion minutes to spare, we can’t really watch all the Clips made in 2017. Thankfully, we have a solution: 2017 Year in Clips!

With the 2017 Year in Clips, you’ll be able to watch a channel’s top Clip from every month, all from one slick timeline page. This feature is available for any channel that has been clipped in at least six unique months in 2017.

To see the top Clips of 2017 from any channel, head on over to: (but, you know, replace “channel” with the creator’s name).


Q: How do I know if my channel has a 2017 Year in Clips page?

You will receive an email and site notification letting you know that your 2017 Year in Clips page is ready.

Why is this only available to channels with clips from at least 6 unique months in 2017?

We’ve set this minimum requirement in order to create a rich, retrospective experience that the community can enjoy.

If you’re a new creator whose channel doesn’t meet this requirement, you can still rewatch the most popular clips from the Clips tab on your channel page or from your Clips Manager. In the meantime, keep creating awesome content and encourage your community to clip so you can participate in other Clips experiences like this one in the future!

How long will this page be available?

2017 Year in Clips pages will be available to experience until the end of January 2018.

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