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New Webhook and Clips API Endpoints available today

Dec 13 2017 - By Caroline Ratajski

Stream Up/Down Webhook

When we launched webhooks in October, we told developers that was only the start. Today, we’re excited to move forward once again and bring you a webhook for streams data.

The Stream Up/Down webhook immediately notifies you when a streamer goes online, offline, or starts a Vodcast. Now your integrations no longer have to rely on polling to see when a streamer comes online, and your applications can react to streamers coming online in near real time!

Get Clip & Create Clip Endpoints

We’re also launching two new endpoints for Clips: Get Clip and Create Clip. When we talked to you at TwitchCon, this was an API that many of you were excited for, and now, we’re excited to announce they’re here.

Get Clip allows you to get information on Clips by their ID, such as who created it, which creator was streaming, or what game they were playing.

Create Clip allows you to programmatically make Clips on streams with a simple API call. For instance, when a streamer gets a new sub, or someone cheers them with Bits, you can call the Create Clip endpoint and automatically generate a clip of that amazing moment for a streamer. Or you can use this with our Streams Metadata API to capture clips of people playing your favorite Overwatch hero. We’re excited to see what other ideas you have!

Both Create Clip and Get Clip endpoints are launching in Preview, which means the features and functionality are a bit limited for now. We have a stricter rate limit on the Create Clip endpoint (so you might see more 429s than you expect), and the Get Clip endpoint doesn’t currently support bulk calling as our other endpoints do. We’re working on these updates right now, but in the meantime, get familiar with what we’ve developed so far so you can hit the ground running when these features fully launch.

Top Games

We’ve also added a way for you to see the top games currently on Twitch! Just like in v5, you’re now able to quickly query the Get Top Games endpoint and see what’s popular.

Let’s Talk Rate Limits

We’ve had a lot of questions about how to increase rate limits. Please fill out this form if you’d like to request a rate limit increase for Webhooks and/or the new Twitch API, and we can start that discussion with you.

Keep sharing your feedback about what you’d like to see and use. We’re listening in the forums and TwitchDev chat.

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