Dec 12, 2017 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

Cities: Skylines — Greenest Cities Challenge!

Can you build the most eco friendly city in Cities: Skylines? Join Ezilii, DrGluon, blackpyretv, and others as they all compete for bragging rights of being the Greenest City Builder and Mayor on Twitch!

Each participant can use any map they prefer but will need to follow these specific rules:

  • No Sandboxing (Unlimited money)

  • No transit capacity altering mods (TM:PE is ok)

  • No pollution or city services altering mod or assets except to remove the Visual Effects

A handy pre-approved mod collection can be found here:

Would you like to try this challenge alongside the main competing builders to earn bragging rights? Then share a highlight or upload a video of your green city to Twitch and share on Twitter with the hashtag #GreenCitiesChallenge by December 22! The winner will get a groovy panel graphic proclaiming they are the Greenest City Builder in the Cities: Skylines community on Twitch!

Check out the schedule below to see when each participant will be streaming and come cheer them on!

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