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SpeedGaming December Madness!

Dec 6 2017 - By Anil Chirayath

SpeedGaming, the leader in competitive speedrunning events, has kicked off a wild month of tournaments, races, and featured events across 4 different channels! SpeedGaming December Madness has a little bit of everything from some of your favorite franchises including Mario, Zelda, Mega Man, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, and Castlevania! Check out their schedule which is updated frequently with new additions.

Featured Tournaments:

Featured Races/Events:

SpeedGaming strives to feature as many of the great game communities in speedrunning as possible. As such you will see diverse content including team relay races (Castlevania: SOTN, Mega Man X series, and Classic Sonic series), multi-game competitive events like The Super 16 Race, and much more.

Follow all four SpeedGaming channels to join in on the December Madness!

Schedule (updated regularly)

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