Nov 14, 2017 - By Jessica Messinger

Twitch creators, get ready for Achievements and Stream Summary

“Creators first” isn’t just one of Twitch’s values; it’s at the center of everything we do. And this year at TwitchCon we announced three new features for creators like you.

The first feature, Raids, launched shortly after TwitchCon. And today we’re so excited to tell you more about Achievements and Stream Summary, and how they’ll help you grow.

Our goal is to set up creators for success, so we listened to you about your biggest roadblocks and requests: more transparency when striving toward Affiliate or Partner status, and faster and better stream analytics. The following tools tackle these issues head on. Big or sm_all_, new or veteran, from gaming to baking, all creators can enjoy these new benefits.

These are the two exciting new features ready for you today:

Achievements: For many creators, becoming an Affiliate or a Partner is the dream. But the requirements to get there, and your progress along those steps, haven’t always been clear. Built with that in mind, Achievements are milestones that encourage creators to learn streaming best practices and interact with their communities. Following these milestones will give creators a clear roadmap to grow toward and apply for Affiliate or Partnership status.

Stream Summary: Stream Summary shows you the information you’ll want to know about your past streams, all on one page. The page includes per-stream performance stats, top clips, top traffic sources, achievement progress, streaming tips and more.

Want to learn more? Visit our help portals for all the information you need on Achievements, Stream Summary, and in case you missed it the first time around, Raids.

This is just the start of what’s to come. As always, your feedback is essential in showing us how best to move forward. Let us know how we’re doing on achievements, stream summary and raids.

Looking for more control?

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