Nov 11, 2017 - By Alice Karsevar

Now TV presents: Esports Industry Awards exclusively on Twitch

Calling all esport gamers, fans, viewers, and diehards!

Streaming live from London, November 13th at 8:30pm GMT is NOW TV’s 2017 Esports Industry Awards event. Tune in to see the movers and shakers of competitive gaming — Recognition will be given players, game publishers, media, hardware providers, live events organizers, and personalities.

About Esports competition is, at it’s very core, about showcasing excellence and shining the spotlight on the very best in each community but what happens once the lights fade, the stage is packed away and the process starts again for another tournament, another game, another group of players? This ceremony is designed to honor not only those in the limelight, but the behind-the-scenes folks that bring the entire world of esports together.

How winners are selected (you!) Each of the 22 awards is open to the public to nominate their #1 pick, then once the list of finalists is released, the vote goes back out to the community to be the deciding voice if our panel come to a stalemate. If you haven’t voted yet, there may still be time by casting your ballot here.

Five of the awards are selected 100% based on the votes of esports fans all over the world.

Among the awards this year we have 6 new categories including Esports Videographer of the Year, Play of the Year, and Unsung Hero.

Finalists in the Play of the Year category are selected each month by the community from our Play of the Month shortlist. Working with the King of the POTM, TommyT999, we’ve pulled together the finest plays from global competitions to showcase just how amazing esports can be.

The Unsung Hero Award not only gives us a chance to raise the profile of those who really deserve it but also lets teams, fans, and event organizers get behind those individuals without whom they couldn’t do what they do, those people who are first through the door and last home at night but always have a smile on their face.

The finalists in the Unsung Hero category really epitomize everything that our awards represent — the passion, commitment and drive to be the absolute best at what you do in the arena of esports.

See you in chat!

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