Nov 9, 2017 - By Brian

Hold onto your frying pans! Machinima launches a 24/7 Twitch channel with a PUBG LAN party

To celebrate the launch of their new 24/7 channel on Twitch, Machinima is inviting all of us over for a nice chicken dinner.

They’ve already been on Twitch for a while, but now Machinima is taking their programming to the next level by featuring curated gaming and fandom content 24/7, along with two hours of live original programming every weekday at 11:00 am & 4:00 pm PT. Much more on that soon, but first, dinner’s ready…

Machinima is hosting a good ol’ fashioned LAN party on Twitch. On Friday November 10, check out /Machinima from noon to 1:30pm PT to catch the Legion LAN Party, a live PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds event, sponsored by Lenovo. Five professional gamers will go head to head as they chat and banter about PUBG, their different gameplay styles, and more.

Hosts Chloe Dykstra and Brandon Winfrey will be your guides for the afternoon, so you’re in good hands. Come watch GhostRobo, EvilViking13, BigJigglyPanda, Fightin Cowboy, and I AM WILDCAT face off in one of today’s most popular shooters.

Once the PUBG madness comes to an end, stick around and check out Machinima’s nonstop gaming and fandom content. Their playlist includes some of their “‘best of”’ gaming and animation shows such as Body Count Fighting, Morty Kombat, and League Bits, plus the previously mentioned brand new live content. This includes VR Power Hour (a show dedicated to, you guessed it, virtual reality), ETC Party Time (ETC’s Ricky and Eliot get their game on with a rotating cast of guest creators), Spacebar (a nerd culture talk show), and Games With Shibby (Shibby2142 plays the hottest gaming titles so you don’t have to), among other great stuff.

Joining Machinima with 24/7 channels are /FailArmy, /IGN1, and more! FailArmy is hosting a marathon of the top 250 fails of all time to support charity this Veteran’s Day, so tune in, laugh, and do some good!

We’ll keep you posted about special events going forward, but until then, check the “Always On” directory for the latest nonstop content on Twitch.

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Nov 9, 2017

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