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Now streaming 24/7: CONtv, IGN, and more

Nov 7 2017 - By Brian

Have you ever discovered a cool show and thought…I could watch this all night if it had Twitch chat? Dumb question, of course you have.

We have too. That’s why we’re psyched to share a few new channels on Twitch that feature non-stop programming 24/7. We recently announced FailArmy and The Pet Collective’s channels, and now IGN and CONtv are among the latest brands to offer shows around the clock.

When you need a quick video game and pop culture fix, IGN1 will bring you Let’s Plays, previews, industry news, and more. And CONtv has you covered with nonstop cult classics like He-Man and Death Race 2000.

If you’ve been a part of any of our previous marathons like Power Rangers, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Bob Ross, you don’t need us to tell you that it’s way more fun to watch something when you’re sharing the experience through chat and not watching the clock. No matter what’s on, from cooking shows to cat videos, you all have a way of making it even better by viewing it together.

That’s why we’re excited these brands are bringing the 24/7 shared viewing experience to more of your favorite shows and clips, as well as some potential new favorites. These channels, plus others like Rifftrax and Baeble, are located under the “Always On” category on the directory page. They’re all live right now and, of course, we saved you a seat.

See you in chat.

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