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Shall we play a game (at TwitchCon)?

Oct 20 2017 - By Brian

When Twitch Plays Pokemon happened, we were convinced it would be impossible to beat. You proved us wrong in only 17 days.

You’re clearly the masters at playing games in weird ways, so at TwitchCon, you’re going one more unto the breach, dear friends!

TwitchCon kicks off Friday at noon PT with our Keynote address, live from the Glitch Theater. But in the half hour leading up to that keynote, we have something awesome planned for you: an augmented-reality (AR) game you’ll play with fellow Twitch fans entirely through the video player. Think of it as the most compelling loading screen you’ve ever seen.

We hired an indie developer, Hitbox Team, to build a game powered by Vapour — a framework we’ve developed in-house to allow simple integrations between game engines and broadcast-quality AR.

It’s called Galactic Disagreements, and it’s played through Extensions on Twitch. The game is all about acquiring resources, launching your ships, overpowering the enemy, and destroying their base. When you join the stream (desktop only for now), you’ll be randomly assigned one of two teams. Then, let the heated discourse begin.

Games last about five minutes at a time, and we’ll run the game throughout the weekend. There will be winners. There will be losers. And there will be emotes.

Get ready to have opposing points of view… in space.

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