Oct 2, 2017 - By Adam Fletcher

RuneScape becomes LootScape with Twitch Drops

Nothing is better than scoring some sweet loot while traversing the lands of Gielinor and now RuneScape players can earn some loot while watching developer streams on Twitch!

In October, RuneScape will receive a series of awesome updates and Twitch Drops is coming with it. New content includes a competitive survivalist game mode for RuneScape, Dimension of the Damned, which will be available free-to-play for everyone! Qualification will open up on October 16th, culminating in an epic finale streamed live on Twitch on Saturday 28th October.

To earn free in-game rewards while watching Twitch simply link your Twitch account with your RuneScape account and tune into the RuneScape channel starting on Tuesday at 9:00am PST or Friday starting at 10:00am PST. Items will be available on your account within 24 hours.

Now how about that loot? Well, in October players can receive the Twitching Orb pet when tuning into developer streams. Starting in November, you’ll be able to receive a random in-game item ranging from Gold Pieces, Pulse Cores and Springs!

Want more information on RuneScape and Twitch Drops? Check out the RuneScape Drops page [here](https://www.runescape.com/info/lootscape). RuneScape is free to download and you can find it here and take part in the LootScape fun!

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