Sep 25, 2017 - By Sheila Raju

Sign up to vote on National Voter Registration Day!

Every day on Twitch, streamers and viewers like you are empowered to express your unique perspectives, interests, and personalities. From charity streams benefitting Hurricane Harvey victims to celebrating our diversity with TwitchUnity, when this community comes together, we’re able to take a stand and help each other, friends, loved ones, and fellow citizens.

In that spirit, we’re excited to announce our participation in National Voter Registration Day on September 26 in partnership with TurboVote. Your voices are important on both local and national issues, and we’re here to support those interactions in a way that captures the spectrum of views in the Twitch community.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Streamers ❤ Registering to Vote: Your favorite streamers, including Geoff, Drako_Gaming, WorkingChef, DarkTwinge, Glacials, ToddAwesome and DasValdez, will encourage their viewers to register to vote by signing up through TurboVote (this only takes two minutes to complete!) during their streams today.

  • Twitch is here to support you: Watch for interviews with community members and civic engagement tips to help you get involved.

  • This is nonpartisan: Your voice is important. Regardless of political party or affiliation, we want to help make sure you’re being heard.

Wanna get involved?

If you’re a streamer and would like to participate in National Voter Registration Day,

  1. Stream on Tuesday 9/26

  2. Select the TwitchVotes Community

  3. Your link is (Fill in your channel name.)

  4. Encourage your community to register to vote!

Last summer we streamed the Republican and Democratic conventions on Twitch to provide the community with an easy, familiar way to stay informed with political events. Thousands of you joined us to hear the speakers and engage with each other via Twitch chat. As Twitch joins the TurboVote pledge to reach 80% voter turnout, we look forward to hearing your voices in chat today, as well as helping many US-based streamers and viewers to register to vote.

We can’t wait to help ensure the voices in our community are represented. Let’s get excited about what we can accomplish — together.

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