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Announcing 4 winners of Twitch Votes Invitational

Sep 14 2017

With 35 days left before TwitchCon, four new players join the All-Stars lineup for the 2017 H1Z1 Invitational. Congratulations to streamers Emzia, GlitterXplosion, LegendOfCotton, and lucas60fps!

Here are their campaign videos and what each of them had to say about winning the vote. Don’t forget to give them each a follow!

  1. Emzia

“I’m extremely honored that people have voted and want to see me in the tournament! I can’t wait! [It’s] going to be fun, but I’m a bit nervous about that haha!” — Emzia

  1. GlitterXplosion

  1. LegendOfCotton

  1. lucas60fps

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