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September Cosplay Showcase

Sep 12 2017 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

Get your patterns, paint, and heat guns ready: we’ve got more excellent cosplayers to showcase this month!


Milynn got into cosplaying as a kid because she wanted to be like the characters from her favorite video games. Two and a half years ago, she started to make her own costumes and fell in love with the fabrication side! Stop in to her stream to join a fun, informative community, with bonus cute dog appearances!


DaraDef has been cosplaying since she first dressed up with a friend at Calgary Comic Expo 2006. Since then she’s continued to make new costumes and attend conventions. Her favorite cosplay that she’s fabricated has been her Slytherin Warlock costume, which was inspired by D&D. Currently, she’s working on a Wonder Woman costume based on the recent film. Tune in to her stream to watch her progress and join a fun and passionate community!


Looking for tips on fabrication techniques and an all around good time? Then tune into Vensy’s stream! As an 11 year cosplay veteran, Vensy focuses on showcasing her craft by giving tips on techniques to help others bring their own creations to life. She’s currently working on a Dark Elementalist Lux from League of Legends. Drop her a follow today to stay up on her progress.

The full schedule for all of the front page streams is below:

Would you like your channel to be featured as part of the Cosplay Showcase? You can apply by going to fill out this form!

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