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Overwolf Twitch Extensions: blasting the Overwolf brand across the twitchosphere

Sep 6 2017

With 10 million users per day watching content presented by 2.2 million streamers, Twitch is already huge with gamers and game companies. Now, the world’s most popular social video platform and community for video game culture is inviting developers to help it bring streaming to the next level. With Twitch Extensions, developers can unleash their creativity to help augment and enhance the Twitch experience. You can start developing Twitch Extensions here.

Overwolf Helps You Win

Overwolf is in the business of helping gamers win. No tricks, no cheating, just information: the Overwolf Appstore offers more than 300 apps that provide insights into other players and teams, analyze game state, and make it fast and easy to obtain other important game-related information. Some of its most popular apps are Replay HUD, LoLwiz, HearthArena, CS:GO Stats, and the official TeamSpeak overlay solution. Gamers worldwide have installed Overwolf apps more than 30 million times since the company’s founding in 2010, a total that is climbing at a rate of 80,000 per day.

Using Twitch to Build Brand Awareness

As impressive as those numbers are, Overwolf knows that its apps could be helping even more players enjoy themselves and excel at the games they love. That’s why the company is building Extensions using the Twitch Extensions platform — to show more gamers how Overwolf apps can augment the games they love, expand brand awareness, and drive more visits to the Overwolf Appstore.

The Twitch Extensions platform offers tools and boilerplate code so developers can build two-way communication and other interactive features between streamers, viewers, and the games being played. The resulting interactive experiences can live in the panels section of a channel’s page or be overlaid on the video player. Free asset hosting and fan-out messaging, as well as a lightweight Extensions Manager, simplify discovery, activation, and management.

“Twitch Extensions bring a whole new way of watching live streams. We’ve worked closely with our best developers to make sure that hardcore gamers are getting the ultimate viewing experience.” –Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf

What Overwolf Built

Overwolf has used the Twitch Extensions platform to create seven Twitch Extensions, which fall into two main categories.

Informational Extensions

These Extensions offer live tracking of progress, standing, and other data for the games PUBG, Rocket League, Destiny, and League of Legends. Some of these are adaptations of apps currently available in the Overwolf Appstore, while others are Twitch exclusives.

Entertainment and Engagement Extensions

These game-agnostic Extensions help streamers entertain and engage their viewers (a crucial part of achieving Twitch Partner status).

Overwolf sees Twitch Extensions as a vital complement to its own long-term goal of supporting its app developers in continually evolving and improving gaming, so it recommends that all Overwolf developers include Twitch Extensions as part of the experiences they build.

What Will You Build?

All of the Twitch Extensions that streamers can add to their channels are available under the “Extensions Manager” on their Twitch dashboards. Read about other Twitch Extensions, dive into Twitch Extensions documentation, and get started with Twitch development today!

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