Aug 25, 2017 - By Anthony Guzzardo

Co-Stream the Starcade Marathon and You Could Win One of Ten Starcade Prize Packs.

In the good old days of 1983, co-streaming meant that you would have to bring an entire cabinet to your local arcade and stand in front of it while people try to watch what’s going on. Thank goodness we’re in 2017. Twitch has made co-streaming a breeze and showing programs like Starcade on your channel are a fun way to pass the time with your viewers. You may even be able to win a Starcade prize pack if you do.

Fill out this form, then co-stream or host [/ShoutFactoryTV](’s Starcade marathon (running August 28th at 11AM PT to September 2nd) on your channel. From all eligible entrants, 10 people will win a Starcade prize pack consisting of an Atari Flashback 7 Deluxe plug & play console, a free subscription to /ShoutFactoryTV and a few other goodies from your friends at Shout! Factory and Twitch.

Starcade is like a time capsule straight from the heart of the early 1980’s arcade scene. Combine that with its short episode length and you have something that’s perfect to air while you eat a meal and want to keep viewers, as an interactive hangout or even while you’re not even in the room. Want more info on how to co-stream? This guide’s got you covered.

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Aug 25, 2017

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