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Geek & Sundry’s Erika Ishii goes retro during the Starcade Marathon, starting August 28th

Aug 16 2017 - By Anthony Guzzardo

Expect to catch a case of Pac-Man fever on August 28th at 11am PT, when /ShoutFactoryTV begins airing a 6-day marathon of Starcade, the world’s first video arcade game show.

Since Starcade takes place during gaming’s golden age, we realize there are some things that might be too 80’s for some viewers (sweaters and haircuts and glasses, oh my!). To get you up to speed, Geek & Sundry’s Erika Ishii will be dropping knowledge on the arcade era throughout the marathon. And while it still packs plenty of retro goodness, the shows have all been digitized from the original master tapes to ensure Donkey Kong is ready for his close up.

From Erika Ishii commenting on classic games to throwback video game news footage, the only thing you’ll be missing for a true 1980’s experience is a dark, smoky room blasting Van Halen.

Thankfully the Starcade viewing experience has evolved beyond a 200 pound wood paneled TV. On Twitch, you will be able to co-stream and host the marathon on your channel for an immersive experience for the retro game loving members of your community to enjoy together. You may even find a Starcade DVD set in your mailbox, but we’ll talk about that more soon.

We’ll see you by the Burger Time machine for /ShoutFactoryTV’s Starcade marathon on August 28th.

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