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Introducing the Twitch Cosplay Showcase!

Aug 8 2017 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

Costumes have grown in geek culture thanks to the passionate cosplayers who first picked up heat guns and fired up sewing machines to make their ideal costumes. We want to highlight those who not only use thread and needle, but power tools, paint, and foam to make their favorite characters come to life during our new Cosplay Showcase!

Each month, we’ll highlight a few cosplayers to show off what their current projects are, share tips for new cosplayers, and answer questions from the community.

This month, we’re featuring three fantastic cosplayers:


Pretzl is a cosplayer from the Netherlands who absolutely loves to create costumes. She works with many different materials ranging from thermoplastics like Worbla to delicate fabrics to create her costumes. Besides streaming her cosplay projects, she also likes to broadcast her sewing and craft projects!


Punished Props is a two person prop and costume making company based out of Seattle, WA. The duo, Bill and Brittany Doran, are dedicated to teaching their maker skills to cosplayers around the world through their interactive live streams, tutorial videos, and guide books. You can follow their channel for prop and costume making, as well as Q&As.


Danielle is an all around creative who does graphic design, photography, crafting, and of course: cosplay! She’s been making costumes for 3 years, having started with a costume from DBZ that a friend encouraged her to make. Her current projects include a gender-bent Quailman cosplay that was requested by her Twitch community as a subscriber goal.

You can check out each of these cosplayers on the front page on the following days, but don’t forget to follow them so you can keep up with their projects!

Punished Props: August 8th & 15th 12–2pm Pacific

Danielle_Denicola: August 16 & 23 4–6pm Pacific

Pretzlcosplay: August 21 & 28 12–2pm Pacific

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