Aug 1, 2017 - By Robert Busey

First-look at LawBreakers Exclusive Twitch Prime “Bleed Purple” Items with Cliff Bleszinski!

Starting August 8, Twitch Prime members can claim their exclusive LawBreakers in-game items for a limited-time only. If you’re not a Twitch Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial at

To kick this off, we have a special guest-blog featuring LawBreakers’ boss-man Cliff Bleszinski!

HELLO wonderful world of Twitch, Cliff Bleszinski here.

I like this guest blog thing. I can come in, share some thoughts, then smoke bomb outta here. =)

To start: No BS​. Of course I’m here to talk about the awesome exclusive items we’ve created in LawBreakers in partnership with Twitch, but I also want to share my complete and honest appreciation for Twitch in general. Y’all have TAKEN OVER.

First, what the hell is LawBreakers? It’s my new game. At its core, LawBreakers is a competitive, high-skill 5v5 multiplayer FPS where the ground is basically lava, each map features zero-g zones for omni-directional movement, characters can shoot behind them — all with different play-styles….oh, and there’s blood. YEAH. Go look it up, please save me the run-on sentence.

With that outta the way…

While we’ve been creating LawBreakers, we’ve actually watched Twitch mature parallel to our game taking shape, and it’s pretty amazing to see the tremendous player-focused brand and ecosystem they’ve made. Many of the staff here at Boss Key Productions have their favorite Twitch streamers on open tabs while they work.

Also, Twitch is kinda damned important for visibility these days, especially with a new game, and I’d like to think we made something VERY watchable. (I catch myself staring at our own game slack jawed sometimes).

Because of our general appreciation of Twitch, and importance in the gaming ecosystem, we strived to do some cool things with Twitch Prime — some of which I’m proud to share with you today!

So, here’s what Twitch Prime members will receive in LawBreakers:

  • Abaddon “Bleed Purple” unique character skin

  • 3 “Bleed Purple” Weapon Skins for the Lobber, Firefly, and Arc Blades

  • 4 Weapon Stickers: FrankerZ, Kappa, PJ Salt, and Bleed Purple

  • 1 Account Kappa Portrait

As fans of Twitch, these are things we would like to have in a game like ours. We also wanted to give players a lot of fun stuff to choose from in-game to make their experience more personal. Like Kappa? Slap that Kappa weapon sticker on your gun! Stuff like that.

So for all you Prime members, we hope you enjoy these extra exclusive items in LawBreakers. From the entire team at Boss Key Productions, we hope you all enjoy playing the game when it launches on PC and PS4 August 8! See you in game, and remember: get the hell off the ground and in zero-g!!!!!

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