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Watch and Cheer During the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship to Show Support for Teams and…

Jul 25 2017 - By Phong Tran

__Watch and Cheer During the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship to Show Support for Teams and Unlock Exclusive Items!

Update (8/24/17): In-game items are now ready to be claimed.

Please welcome HGC Cheer to the Nexus!

The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) Clashes are fast approaching, and we’re excited to announce you’ll be able to Cheer for your favorite teams on Twitch using custom Cheermotes — while earning sweet loot along the way.

When you Cheer for your favorite team(s) you summon a team-themed animated Cheermote to celebrate the moment and amplify your voice in chat. A portion of the revenue Twitch receives from the Bits Cheered goes directly to the team. Progress will be tracked for number of Bits Cheered by each individual, for each HGC team, and all Bits Cheered collectively across all teams. Items like Heroes of the Storm Loot Chests, mounts, and exclusive in-game emotes will unlock when Cheering goals are reached.

A dedicated HGC Cheer event page will track team-specific and global progress while individual leaderboards will highlight each team’s biggest superfan. HGC teams will not only feel the love from your Cheers, but will get to see themselves represented on Twitch and within Heroes of the Storm on team-branded banners, sprays, and badges that you can unlock.

How it works:

Cheering will start with the HGC Western Clash on Friday, August 4, followed shortly after by the Eastern Clash starting Friday, August 11. Fans can continue Cheering throughout the rest of the 2017 HGC season (League Play, Playoffs, and Crucible), including the HGC Finals at BlizzCon. For more details on the HGC Schedule, click here. Follow the BlizzHeroes channel to be notified when events go live.

_In case you’re looking for even more goodies, don’t forget Twitch Prime members will be able to redeem even more special rewards in August for _Heroes of the Storm. Currently, Twitch Prime members can get an Overwatch® Golden Loot Box containing a guaranteed legendary item, along with three additional in-game items like emotes, voice lines, or character skins. For more information, a free trial, and more loot for select Blizzard games, visit*

Burning Questions

Q. Where can I keep track of the Bits Cheered and items unlocked during the event?

A. When HGC Cheer starts in early August, there will be an Event tab on the BlizzHeroes channel where Cheers will be tracked.

Q. How much revenue does a team receive when Bits are Cheered for them?

A. For each Bit Cheered for a team, that team receives one half of one cent. Blizzard receives one half of one cent as the tournament organizer.

Q. Which regions’ teams are supported for HGC Cheer?

A. North America, European Union, China and Korea.

Q. How do I Cheer for a team?

A. Click on the Nexus icon at the bottom of the chat window, select the team’s logo, add the number of Bits you want to use and a custom message to cheer them on.

Q. Can I use the regular Cheer command (e.g. cheer100) during HGC?

A. No, regular Cheers won’t work on the BlizzHeroes channel during HGC. You can Cheer for any or all of the 32 teams competing in HGC using their team-themed Cheermotes.

*Twitch Prime offer valid only in regions where Twitch Prime is available. Must own Overwatch to redeem Twitch Prime offer for Overwatch Loot Box. Loot Box does not include seasonal event items. Content of Loot Box is random. Each Blizzard account may only redeem one code per promotional item.

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