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2017 Charity Update: Twitch community gives back at record pace!

Jul 20 2017 - By Andrew Schroeder

Ever since Twitch first existed, it has been clear that one of the community’s most important goals has been helping others. The passion for giving has been self-evident through the constant support for broadcasters and assistance for community members in need. This is especially pronounced in the astonishing amount of funds raised for charitable causes. Since Twitch’s launch, the community has now officially raised over $75,000,000 for over 100 different charities!

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate this incredible accomplishment made possible by thousands of talented and generous individuals, while also highlighting some of the events in 2017 that have led the community to the strongest annual fundraising start ever. While Twitch raised a record of $25.3 million for charity last year, only $4.6 million of that was raised through July 2016. The $9.1 million raised so far in 2017 shows big potential for reaching even greater heights by the end of the year.

Here are some prominent events, both old and new, that have led the charge:

Make sure to follow the official Twitch Charity Twitter and join the Twitch Desktop Charity Server for updates throughout the year!

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