Jul 18, 2017 - By Brian

Crunchyroll brings 19 full seasons of anime hits to Twitch

Twitch marathons are a wonderful thing. Bob Ross soothed our souls with happy little trees in The Joy of Painting. Fred Rogers welcomed us into his neighborhood and taught us to be good to each other in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. We’re not yet sure what the takeaway will be for our next marathon, but make no mistake: Senpai has noticed us.

We’re happy to announce that on July 27, we’ll begin streaming the Crunchyroll marathon right here on /TwitchPresents*. For the unfamiliar (or the hungry), Crunchyroll is not a kind of sushi; it’s an awesome anime streaming service, and together we’ve selected over 19 anime series specifically for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re super into waifus and wall scrolls, tune in for a refresher or to share your thoughts on who truly is best girl. If all you know about anime starts and ends with the Twitch emote “VoHiYo,” think of the marathon like a buffet. Try a bit of everything. See what’s out there. You might find something you really like! If not, at least you’ll understand why everyone says “yelling makes you stronger.”

Below is the full schedule of anime shows you can watch during the Crunchyroll Marathon on /twitchpresents. All times listed in PDT.

Join us starting on July 27 for the Crunchyroll marathon. We’ll bring the anime. We’ll bring the emotes — speaking of which, say hello to Crunchyroll Hime, a new global emote available until August 1, for free! But we’ll definitely need you around to give Twitch Chat all your energy.

  • While we’re excited to bring the Crunchyroll marathon to Twitch, the content may be limited in some Asia-Pacific countries. For more, click here.
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