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Managing your Clips is getting even easier

Jun 27 2017 - By Justin Oh

Last year we launched Clips, the perfect, bite-sized way to show off the most amazing and surprising moments that happen on Twitch and share them with others. In one year, you made over 70 million of those teeny-tiny videos and watched them for over 8.7 billion seconds. We only have 10 fingers, but we’re counting, and… that’s a lot.

Turns out, when you have 70 million of something, you need a better way to keep them all organized.

That’s why we’ve moved the Clips Manager (aka “My Clips”) into the current Video Manager on Twitch. Clips you’ve created (as well as clips others have made of your channel) will now appear here. With this integration comes the ability to find and sort Clips by recency, game, date, or channel. At a glance, you’ll be able to see which of your Clips are most popular, share them, and get more eyes on the best moments you’ve captured of your favorite creators.

You’ll also be able to edit Clip titles or delete multiple Clips in batches, so if you get a bit clip-crazy (it happens to the best of us), you can easily weed out the ones that don’t quite make the cut.

These features are rolling out for all users today. You can access the Clips Manager via the “Clips” tab on the Video Manager. Or if you click “Clips Manager” from the top-right menu of any Clips viewing page, you’ll be automatically redirected there. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated at UserVoice or our help portal.

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