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Announcing the Twitch Partner Server

Jun 8 2017 - By Brian Petrocelli

Each day at Twitch we ask ourselves the question, “How can we better serve our Partners?” In that spirit, this year we’ve launched a ton of new initiatives designed to better serve the Partner community: tiered subs, new tools for Bits, Partner badges, product councils, and event mixers.

The results have been tremendous. Partners share their insight with Twitch and Twitch Staff build better products and features. The collective response from Partners and staff alike has been a resounding, “We want more!” So today, we are excited to announce the new Twitch Desktop App Partnerships Server! Now there is one central place for news, announcements, and feedback.

I know some of you are thinking, “But Citizen, there’s already a Twitch Partner Discord?” Don’t worry; the Partner Discord isn’t going anywhere. But sometimes we can’t share announcements that we’d like to because the server is too open.

Creating a server in the Twitch Desktop App allows us to verify that the server is 100% composed of current Twitch Partners and staff. That means we can share more with you earlier, which has the added benefit of making Partner feedback even more impactful on our efforts.

So, how do you join? Partners will receive a prompt when opening the desktop app to join the server (grab the app here if you don’t already have it installed). If you dismiss the prompt by mistake, head to your Account Sync settings to join.

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