Jun 6, 2017 - By Anna Robinson

Now accepting auditions for Twitch Studios’ Hosting and Interview Workshop!

Recently, we announced the Twitch Studios Talent Development Program, a collection of opportunities offered by Twitch Studios for creators with aspirations in the professional production space. As part of that program, Twitch Studios will host a small group of talented performers in our San Francisco office on July 26th for a pilot workshop for on-camera hosting and interviewing.

At the workshop, we’ll provide training and resources that will help level up the hosting prowess and hireability of hosting talent at any level. Recognizing that hosting and interviewing are highly specialized skills, Twitch Studios staff and our newly appointed “Twitch Studios Ambassadors” — Ezekiel_iii, HelloKellyLink, and Seltzer — will be on hand to share insight and experience as long-time Twitch hosts with top level talent and preparation techniques. Attendees will attend workshops, practice techniques, and create video assets to take home.

An open call for auditions begins today, and interested parties can submit here! To be considered for invitation, applicants must have a Twitch channel in good standing, aged 18 or over, and live in the United States.

Please submit video samples of hosting/interviewing work to be considered. Those chosen will travel to Twitch HQ for the workshop with travel and accommodations provided by Twitch.

As always, Twitch Studios is thankful for your participation and, especially, for your constructive feedback that helps us keep working to make our community offerings bigger and better.


Why are you calling this a “pilot?”

We hope that this is the first of many efforts to provide resources for hosts and interviewers. As such, this will be a small, experimental first workshop focused on learning what works and improving for the future. We’ll be surveying all attendees so they can give us feedback, and aiming to use that info to grow for our next offering!

Why are applicants limited to the US?

Since this is a pilot workshop, budget limits the amount of people we can bring, and resources limit the regions that we can bring them from. Depending on demand and on the success of this workshop, we hope to expand our offerings as soon as possible to our friends around the world.

What if I don’t have experience as a host, or an interview reel?

We need to see you work on camera, but don’t worry if you don’t have loads of experience or a professional reel! It’s ok to turn on your webcam and show us a demo interview or other pieces of on camera work in footage that you made just for this audition. This workshop is made for and built to provide value for hosts or any and all levels!

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