May 24, 2017 - By Justin Oh

Clips turns 1 this week. Celebrate with us!

We launched Clips on May 25, 2016. And, hey, would you look at that? That was almost one whole year ago. Happy birthday, Clips! A celebration is in order.

Whether you’re a viewer who clips an insane ninja defuse or a streamer who shares a viewer’s Clip of your most recent broadcast, Clips is the best way to capture, share, and relive the amazing moments of Twitch.

In one year, you’ve created over 70 million Clips together and watched them for a total of 8.7 billion seconds. That’s 64,860 times more than every second of our coverage of E3 last year. We could roll out more gigantic numbers, but here’s one that’s a bit more tangible. Using Clips, streamers like /Theia have grown their followers by 30%!

We’ve also added tons of great improvements to Clips based on your feedback, like Clip Trimming, My Clips, Emote Reactions, and Chat Replay. Not bad for a one year old, right? We’ll continue to bring you even more new features in 2017, but first, we’d like to give you the chance to win some awesome free stuff.

Clips Contest and Giveaway (U.S. only)

Starting today and running through next Wednesday, we’re giving away 125 limited edition Clips birthday t-shirts. They’re cool, Twitch-y, and exclusive to this event.

Additionally, two lucky people (one viewer and one streamer) will win a TwitchCon experience package for two so they can create their own Clip-worthy moments at this year’s TwitchCon. Check out the shirt below, and read the rules and regulations to learn how to participate as a streamer or as a viewer. You’ll find a general overview of how the contest works below. Please make sure to review the full rules and regulations for the Clips Birthday Contest before participating.

For streamers:

  • Get the official Clips Birthday graphic.

  • Show the Clips Birthday graphic while streaming live.

  • Encourage viewers to create Clips featuring the graphic and use a creative title that includes the hashtag #ClipsBdayContestEntry.

  • If your channel is featured in the Grand Prize Clip, you’ll win a TwitchCon experience (tickets, flight, and hotel for two).

For viewers:

  • During streams, broadcasters will display the official Clips Birthday graphic from Twitch. As viewers, this is your cue to clip!

  • Create clips and add a creative title to accompany the clip, making sure to include the hashtag #ClipsBdayContestEntry in the title. You can enter up to once a day!

  • 125 t-shirt winners will be selected based on creativity, originality, and views.

  • T-shirt winners will automatically be entered into a grand prize drawing for a TwitchCon package (tickets, flight, and a hotel for two).

Even if you don’t win a shirt, you won’t come away empty handed. If you create a Clip in the next week, you’ll unlock three new global emotes (meet Clappy!). Use them when there’s a hype, Clip-worthy moment in chat, or whenever else you’d like!

We’re proud of how far Clips have come, but their success is really all thanks to you. When we made Clips, we wanted to give you a new way to support your favorite streamers by capturing, sharing, and reliving the best moment of Twitch with the community. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for year two.

Good luck!

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