May 3, 2017 - By Anna Robinson

Join forces with Twitch Studios to level up your content!

Twitch streamers are multi-faceted! Some have talents in production, hosting, and other areas of entertainment, even outside the typical broadcaster content sphere. This year, in alignment with our Twitch value “Develop Talent,” as part of the “Twitch Studios Talent Development Program,” Twitch Studios plans to offer multiple opportunities and resources for streamers to present their unique skills, learn from the Twitch Studios Team, and collaborate to create awesome content. With that in mind, today Twitch Studios announces three exciting new ways to work with you:

Twitch Host Training:

In July, we’ll invite established and aspiring hosts and interviewers to San Francisco for our first workshop on hosting and interviewing! There, we’ll provide training and resources that will help level up the hosting prowess and hireability of hosting talent at any level. Twitch Studios staff and our newly appointed “Twitch Studios Ambassadors” — Ezekiel_iii, HelloKellyLink, and Seltzer — will be on hand to share insight and experience as long-time Twitch hosts with top level talent and preparation techniques. Our Ambassadors will also be serving as mentors and community liaisons throughout the year, while helping Twitch Studios serve up the highest quality hosted content at events and otherwise. Watch for information to come on how to apply to the workshop via @Twitch_Studios!

Event Stage Segment Submissions:

We know that most of the best content on Twitch comes from the diverse and creative minds of our community! That’s why, this year, we’re opening up our live event stage for segments produced by streamers themselves. Have a great idea for something you think our viewers would like to watch? Want to do a live episode of your show on our stage? Want to host your own interview with a game developer or industry influencer? We’re excited to hear what you have in mind. Submit your pitch to Twitch Studios here!

Pitch Twitch Studios:

We’ve seen time and time again how many great ideas and talents come straight from you, our community! As such, it’s our goal to provide all the resources, guidance, and opportunities we can to streamers with aspirations to achieve top-level production. We’re still a small team with limited resources, but we love to share what we have with our community in order to help them reach their goals. To that end, we’re opening lines of communication with our team to the community, in hopes of making Twitch Studios resources available to a few select streamers with great ideas. If you’re an aspiring producer, host, writer, or anything in the realm of video production who thinks we might have what you need in order to succeed, we’re now accepting your pitches here!

Don’t forget, there are also many existing opportunities to work with and be featured by Twitch Studios, which are now part of the Twitch Studios Talent Development Program at large. As a reminder, some of those are:

Twitch Weekly “Meet & Greet”:

What was called the Twitch Weekly “Video Spotlight” is now the Twitch Weekly “Meet & Greet” — but it still works just the same! Any streamer can submit a video showcasing their channel (or shouting out another channel they love) via the “GIVE VIDEOS PLZ” panel on The best videos will be showcased live on Twitch Weekly, Fridays at 1pm. If you need inspiration, check out these great examples made by MadameGandalf, flamingmonocle, and DenGenesis.

Open Casting Calls:

Twitch Studios regularly calls for audition videos for live shows like PJSaltan or the TwitchCon Talent Show. In fact, auditions are open right now for participation in PJSaltan at PAX West! Visit our submission page here, and expect more opportunities like this throughout the year!

Watch the channel description and Pulse feed, @Twitch and @Twitch_Studios, and Twitch Weekly for announcements about when these auditions are open!

As always, we’re excited for your participation and feedback on the Twitch Studios Talent Development Program. Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more ways to get involved. We’ve still got plenty in the works.

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