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Forts Mode Friday: Worms W.M.D Update + Tourney Incoming!

May 1 2017 - By Sam Brown

Worms fans may remember the Friday Free-for-All tournament we had last December with Fairlight_Excalibur, GoldGlove, and friends.

Celebrating the release of the latest Worms W.M.D update called Forts Mode, we’re bringing another one-off Worms W.M.D tournament your way called Forts Mode Friday on May 5th at 2 PM PT! Catch animatedbreak, Danotage, Kintinue, Kreenpananas, NoxLumos, and scarfino as they take each other on, 3v3. The ultimate winners of this tournament will be awarded a choice of a voice-over opportunity or an in-game item with their branding, available to all players for free.

Catch our new players on front page all this week leading up to the main event on Friday, May 5th. Follow them from!

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