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AYAYAYAYAY, this Power Rangers infographic is ridiculous

Apr 7 2017 - By Brian

Friends, together we watched 831 episodes of Power Rangers on /TwitchPresents. That’s someone’s entire childhood, and we consumed it all in only two weeks. Thank you so much for joining us.

It would probably be wise for us all to take a step back and breathe, but nah… Let’s keep talking about Power Rangers for a minute. Tommy may have been AFK, but Twitch’s analytics team was hard at work the entire time. Your emotes, Clips, and memes have been counted, and now we’d like to share the staggering results with you in the form of a super cool infographic.

Sadly, we weren’t able to keep a running body count for the millions (billions?) who died beneath the Megazord’s mighty feet. Please join us for a moment of silence.

We know the /TwitchPresents experience is something special, and we have so much more content on the way for everyone to enjoy together. Stay tuned to Twitch’s Blog and Twitter for info on what’s next.


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