Mar 24, 2017 - By Robin Fontaine

Twitch Crates are here!

UPDATE: As of April 4, 2017 at 11am PT, Twitch Crates are live, along with the ability to buy games and in-game content on Twitch! Learn more here.

About a month ago, we announced you’d soon be able to buy PC games and in-game content directly on Twitch. That day is fast approaching! We also dropped some tantalizing hints about Twitch Crates, and now it’s time to lift the lid and show you what they’re all about.

The juicy details:

Any purchase on Twitch of a game or in-game item worth $4.99 or more will earn you a Twitch Crate. Think of these as your own personal treasure chests filled with loot. You can open them right away or horde them for later in your inventory page.

Each Twitch Crate contains random rewards like chat badges, emotes, or a surprise number of Bits. The emotes and badges in Twitch Crates range from common to very rare. Some games have custom emotes as well. If one is available for the game or in-game content you just purchased, you’ll get that in your Twitch Crate, too.

Over time, we will add more variety to the content of Twitch Crates, including community generated items, store discounts, and more surprises. We can’t wait to see the first Crate opening shared with the community!


Q. How can I tell if my purchase includes a Twitch Crate?

A. Any purchase of a game or in-game item on Twitch that costs $4.99 or more will earn you a Twitch Crate.

Q: Can I earn multiple Twitch Crates for a single purchase? (Example: Does a $50 game get you 10 crates?)

A. You can only earn one Twitch Crate per purchase. The purchase of a $50 game will get you one Twitch Crate.

Q: Can I receive duplicate rewards from Twitch Crates? If so, what can I do with those extra items?

A. It is possible to get duplicates of an emote or chat badge as you open your Twitch Crates. In this case, your inventory will only show one of that item. At this time there is no way to trade those duplicates.

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