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Custom Cheermotes: coming to a Twitch channel near you!

Mar 15 2017 - By Robin Fontaine

Starting today, you’ll be able to Cheer for some of your favorite partners using Cheermotes that they created specifically for their channel! Cheermotes are animated emotes that are powered by Bits. Here’s a Cheermote for Kreygasm we made here in the Twitch factory:

Last week we told partners to start designing their own Custom Cheermotes for use in their channels, and today we’re making them available for you to Cheer with. Note that you don’t have to be a subscriber to use a partner’s Cheermote. Anyone can use a partner’s Custom Cheermote, whether they subscribe or not. However, Custom Cheermotes can only be used in the channel they belong to.

Partners have already submitted dozens of entertaining, crazy, random Cheermotes for your Cheering pleasure, and we expect many more to come in over the next few weeks. Here are just a few examples:

Burning Questions:

Q. How will I know if the channel I’m in has a Custom Cheermote?

A. Click the gem icon in chat to see if a Custom Cheermote is available in the channel you’re watching. You’ll see it next to the Kappa, Kreygasm, and Swiftrage Cheermotes.

Q. How do I Cheer with a Custom Cheermote?

A. Use Custom Cheermotes by typing subPrefixCheer#, for example bobrossCheer1000. The subPrefix will be shown when you mouse over the Cheermote in the UI that appears when you click on the Bits gem icon in chat.

Q: How many Cheermotes can each Partner create?

A. At launch, one Cheermote, which includes five tiers.

Q: Does the streamer receive revenue when I use a Custom Cheermote?

A. When you Cheer with a Custom Cheermote, the streamer whose channel you are in receives the same revenue from the Bits used as with global Cheermotes or regular gem Bit emotes.

Q: I’m a partnered streamer. How can I upload a Custom Cheermote?

A. This article explains how to upload your own Custom Cheermote.

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