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Introducing the Twitch Desktop App beta

Mar 10 2017 - By Brian Petrocelli

One of the best things about the Twitch community is the people you connect with on your journey. It’s why we are always looking for ways to make it easier to keep in touch. From adding upgrades like whispers and friends, to looking at outside technologies that can help us improve your overall experience.

Remember the acquisition of Curse? Over the past few months, our teams have been hard at work merging the best of the Curse platform to create our own Twitch experience. Today we are excited and proud to announce the launch of the Twitch Desktop App beta on March 16th.

With the Twitch Desktop App, we are adding new ways to build stronger and more meaningful connections between you, your friends, and your community.

You now will be able to create your own Twitch server for your community to hang out in and stay in touch, even when your stream is offline. And because we know that it’s challenging to get all your friends in one place, we’ve made it super easy for you to import and centralize your friends from the game communities you belong to! And now that your friends are all in a central place, you will be able to instantly and easily get in touch with them via whispers as well as new voice and video calls.

In addition to building a strong community, the Twitch Desktop App has great ways to enhance your gaming experience.

We’ve incorporated Curse’s legendary addon/mod community and platform into the app so you can easily find, install, and manage all your game addons/mods. Soon after launch, you’ll even be able to sync your mod settings across multiple machines for free with Cloud-Sync.

Also when you are in a voice or video call while gaming, you can change your settings, without alt-tabbing, using the in-game overlay.

Get the Twitch Desktop App on March 16th by visiting There’s one more thing we should mention…

As you probably know, soon you’ll be able to purchase games on Twitch — all while supporting your favorite streamers AND earning loot with free Twitch Crates. Well, for certain games you’ll be able to download those games directly from the Twitch Desktop App!

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