Mar 8, 2017 - By Jason Maestas

Kappa Cards: Gotta collect ’em all

Before we assume everyone breathing in the wilds of Twitch knows what this is, let’s go back in time…

A long, long time ago in a Twitch far, far away, we started our Meet & Greet program at PAX Prime 2014. Meet & Greets help connect our Partner broadcasters to their fans, providing an opportunity for a quick conversation, and perhaps an autograph and a photo op.

During that first Meet & Greet, we realized that Partners didn’t really have anything personal to sign. So by the time PAX South 2015 rolled around, we jump started a baseball card-esque program we called Kappa Cards. We figured the baseball card form would be easy to carry and could be personalized to include information for each participating Partner.

Thanks to some community artists, we were able to get the program off the ground rather quickly. And our Partners and their fans were super excited to be part of the program, with maybe one exception. Our bad. Just a few therapy sessions and some hugging it out. We’re better now. Moving on…

As we grew, notably with the addition of TwitchCon, we knew we needed to scale the program and define a consistent art style. Fast forward to the present, this “immortalization” program is such a big deal that we [were forced to] hired the very talented Geersart to do this full time! Here’s Geers taking his deadline stress out on a punching bag.

Currently, we offer Kappa Cards at every PAX and TwitchCon event. We’re looking for more ways to get these into your hands, both in physical and digital formats! If you’re interested in Kappa Cards but you don’t make it to many events, let us know in the comments.

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