Feb 13, 2017 - By Sam Brown

Feel the Love this Valentine’s Week

Love is in the air! In the theme of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a very unique lineup for you. This week, we’re featuring six couples who stream together on Twitch. Get to know them below, and don’t forget to give these dynamic duos a follow to see their collaborations and demonstrations (of love).

Oshi7 (Monday and Tuesday, 8–10 AM PST) - With a focus on co-operative gaming, Fred and Emily support each other and (sometimes) blame each other, but always have fun gaming with their community nearly every day. The couple that games together, stays together. Throughout streaming together, their channel has witnessed their dating, engagement, and marriage.

Kyente (Monday and Thursday, 11 AM–1 PM PST) - Kyente and Bunheadwhat are high school sweethearts and just celebrated their 9 year anniversary. Kyente is a full time streamer and Bun is his community manager. They are proud co-founders of the Twitch Winnipeg meetups and are loving owners to an amazing lady rabbit named Mister. They love avocados, dancing, and listing things in 3s.

a_couple_streams (Wednesday and Friday, 4–6 PM PST) — ALE and tcookc are married and have been performing their music on Twitch since January 2016. Watch live to chat with their cats Coda and Oates, connect with fellow music lovers, or tip to request a specific song from their song list.

authorblues (Tuesday, 6–8 PM PST) - When Auth and Sky aren’t pushing each other by trading personal bests in their respective speedgames, they work together on a wide variety of co-op speedruns: Super Mario World, Lord of the Rings, and Cookie & Cream, just to name a few. Sometimes stressful, sometimes exciting, always entertaining. Pray for good RNG, because resets mean Auth is sleeping on the couch again.

TaraKate (Tuesday, 4–6 PM PST) - Tara and Phil met on Twitch in February of 2014 and bonded over their love for speedrunning Zelda games. Tara speedruns The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time while Phil speedruns The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. They frequently butt heads on which game is the best. After two years together, not only do they share a home, but they share a passion for old games, cooking, and running around looking for the best ramen joint in the city.

KrinxShow (Tuesday, 2–4 PM PST) - The Krinx Show: just two lesbians playing games, having fun, and being impossibly adorable. Minx and Krism stream a wide variety of content, so whether you like the action of Overwatch, the chilled atmosphere of Creative, or anything in between, you’re bound to have a good time!

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